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first off, i’m so sorry for the poor phone quality >< i took these pictures right when i opened the package, which was while i was doing my homework, so i had no time to take HQ photos with my nice camera…

As you guys can probably tell from my fantastic captions ((read: not)), these are my giveaway pictures from winning Kaneto’s sponsorship giveaway with OhMyBows \(^u^)/ I was so pleasantly surprised when I received Nan’s congratulation message omg it made my entire day~ The package arrived really fast - about 2 days after Nan sent me the tracking number - and of course, she was really kind and fast with replying to my e-mails. Anyway, this is just a “thank you” post to her as well as OhMyBows for making this possible ;U; The bows are awesome and I’ll definitely buy some myself in the future! Thank you all for reading ♡

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